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No two Google search words have gotten more attention since ‘swine flu’. Kat Stacks passed her 15 minutes of fame and is moving on to her infamous hour of shine. Her gossip on the Hip-Hop world brings hits to every site that posts video of the star. Watching Kat from bangs to breasts, she has become the guilty pleasure I never thought I would fall for. As she breaks the number one rule of don’t kiss and tell, I will break the number one rule of being a feminist and a fan of Kat Stacks. Whenever she’s on I already know that I’m watching until the last second. There’s always a point where my neck starts to slowly turn to the left but my head stays straight. I never miss a second. No one can deny how entertaining the aspiring lawyer and mother turned video prop is. Her erratic behavior and reckless talk is reality show material. Everything she does gets more attention than the stunt before. With every swig of Grey Goose, Kat Stacks is kind of turning into the girl next door with the really, really good stories. To make sense of it all heres my logic on we hate that to love Kat Stacks. 

    As the bi-racial sex kitten keeps name dropping, it leaves us wondering who is next? It’s like she’s standing on the shoulder of a giant to see farther than they are. Kat Stacks managed to get the attention of one of the most popular cliques in Hip-Hop right now. Fans of Young Money/Cash Money are left with no choice but to notice Kat. It’s genius! It’s to the point where even the most ridiculous lie has the entertainment value that shadows its validity. As long as she is linking herself to someone who has followers, she will have followers. ‘Who is she talking about now?’ we all think as we click on the video link. No one is off limits, and no phone number stays private, when Miss Stacks in on a mission.

At only 20-years-old, Kat is the car wreck you watch from far feeling shocked, maybe even excited and then pity at the end. I’m sure that’s the road of feelings we all went down when we watched the amateur video of her getting slapped in the face at the bar. I think her audience honestly feels bad for her. All I can think of when I’m done laughing with her, is how many people are laughing at her. Since 15, she’s had a rough life and formed this persona that has gotten her so much publicity. One can only imagine what she must have done to where she is now. Those who know about her troubled background maybe give her a free pass and she could even become relatable. I’m sure there are girls like Kat Stacks in every city. Of course, we only have the attention span for one. 

    If the tables were turned and “Ken Stacks” was making money being Hip-Hop’s number one male jump off, it would be acceptable to the public. No questions asked. At the very least it would not cause half as much controversy. A recent GG article made this interesting point.  It’s an everyday thing with men taking control of the game and using it to their advantage. Bragging out their wins and adding a notch on the belt with each city the tour bus stops at. A woman can do it too, even though I highly recommend that we not. Kat Stacks is our personal industry insider, exposing her life and the life of the Hip-Hop untouchables. Anyway dough ::Kat Stacks voice::it’s raw and entertaining and I have to admit… I heart Kat Stacks!   

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