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If you are a collector of rare sneakers, chances are you’re familiar with Burn Rubber

Even if you’re not from Detroit, Burn Rubber has made enough of a name for themselves as the “go-to” store in the sneaker community that they are the subject of LOUD’s latest reality show. 

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Electus and Shady Films Present: “Detroit Rubber” is a new YouTube reality show based on the day-to-day activities of the Burn Rubber store. In the show’s premiere episode, the shop’s owners Rick Williams and Roland “Ro” Coit are visited by Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder. Although Prince came in with his family and bought quite a few items, the underlying purpose of his visit was to make an attempt at finding the ultra rare Eminem Air Jordan 4s.

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Since the shoe was released in 2004 and in extremely limited quantities given to only friends and family, finding the Eminem Air Jordan 4 was no easy task. Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, was pivotal in finding the shoes and Eminem was the one who eventually handed them over when Rick and Ro bought Prince to his recording studio. 

Check out the video above to see how the entire thing plays out.