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The Super Bowl is tonight, and as we get ready to watch the gridiron warriors knock each other senseless, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the season that was. 

This year, we saw two amazing comebacks with Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning, both returning from career threatening injuries. Three rookie quarterbacks led their teams to the playoffs, and the season was jam packed with drama.

But it wasn’t all good. The season kicked off with “Replacement Refs” who botched more calls than girlfriends watching the game with their boyfriends.

“No baby, that wasn’t a foul” 

“No sweetheart, that’s not goal tending, it’s called a blocked field goal.”

Ahh! This football season was just awesome and with one more game left, we are going to look back to savor every moment that happened this season. Check it out.

Peyton Manning was run out of Indy, but returned to the field in a new uniform after missing all of last season with a neck injury. People thought his injury would leave him less of a player than he was before, but he led his new team, the Denver Broncos, to the AFC West Championship. 

With Peyton Manning out of the picture, Andrew Luck was able to take the 2-win Colts to the playoffs with one of the best rookie seasons ever. 

Then their coach Chuck Pagano caught cancer, and the team turned a bad situation into Chuck Strong. 

Adrian Peterson also made his return to the field after blowing out his knee. Many people thought he would miss this season, but he didn’t miss a game. In fact, he ran for 2,097 yards, 9 yards shy of the all time NFL rushing record.

The NFL replacement refs started the season off with missed call after missed call, including a clear interception that was called a touchdown during the Seahawks vs. Packers game. 

Mark Sanchez created the “Butt Fumble” when he ran into his own teammate’s butt. 

RG3 took the NFL by storm and helped the Washington Football Team make the playoffs, but then his knee bent the wrong way and so did Washington’s dreams of advancing in the playoffs. 

Turkey, turkey gobble, gobble. Last year we had Tebowing, this year we learned Kaepernicking, when 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick flexed his muscles. 

This year will also mark the end of a legendary career, as Ray Lewis plays his final game in Baltimore as a Raven, marking his retirement. Fittingly, his last game will be in the Super Bowl.