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PHOTOS: Beyonce Breaks A Sweat During Super Bowl Rehearsals

Baddie Bey is only days away from taking center stage at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show.

Determined to prove critics wrong, Bey has been rehearsing non-stop since her inaugural lip-synching scandal. Despite all the whispers, Beyonce seems quite unfazed by her naysayers. 

The behind the scenes video features Beyonce and her army of dancers practicing step-by-step for her eight minute performance, which will take place on a pricey $600,000 set. 

PHOTOS: Beyonce Responds To Lip-Syncing Scandal 

As soon as Beyonce finishes up her halftime show, she’ll be back in the studio with The-Dream to finish up her fifth studio album. 

Beyonce’s new album is currently untitled, but fans should expect it to hit store shelves by the second or third quarter of the year. 

Super Bowl XLVII is set to kick off this Sunday, February 3. 

Check out day one of Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime show rehearsals below!