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The Super Bowl is the close to Football season that brings a plethora of pluses along with it. Chicken wings, beer, Beyonce, and of course a whole new crop of ultra entertaining commercials.

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To be completely honest, the talk at the water cooler the next day isn’t about who won the big game, a neutral middle ground where sore losers and big box winners can meet, is in discussion over the commercials.

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In commemoration of the ads we are looking forward to watching this Sunday, we have rounded up seven memorable Super Bowl ads to induce a little nostalgia, and to prove just how far animation technology has come. Check them out below.

Oh that is where Hammer has been all these years, over in Mr.Mckinny’s yard. This Lays commercial brought Hammer back from the world across the fence along with an Chevy Impala, but one of them weren’t as desired as the other.

Budweiser’s 1995 Super Bowl XXIX “Frogs” ad in swamp was the first time we were introduced to the beer craving frogs, and their careers shot to new heights from there. One went on to star in princess and the frog after cleaning up his drinking act, but we wonder where these frogs ended up. 

There is often an argument that modern day Michael Jordan would beat out young MJ on the courts, but this Gatorade commercial brought it all to life. Thanks to computer animation we were able to get a firsthand look at Michael trash talking Michael, and it makes for an epic commercial. 

Homer Simpson wasn’t using his priceless time made from doing his errands early effectively, so he needed a friendly push from the stupid voiceover man. 

How far would you go to get the last Bud Light? Would you get a little dirty with a friendly game of rock paper scissors? This Bud Light commercial tests two pals and one is clearly the bud light sipping victor by bucking the system. 

Tide Talking Stain and Gamble’s Tide brand made its first-ever Super Bowl appearance and scored a big winner with the Talking Stain spot, and yes, your stain is just that distracting! 

You’re not you when you’re hungry, you’re actually Betty White. This Snickers ad puts the Golden Girl on the front lines in a game of tackle football, but a bite of a Snickers bar gets her back on her A-Game. 




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