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Beats and beautiful ladies, what more do we need for a party?  This wasn’t just any shindig but more of a casual chat session with professional ladies in the music industry.  Shayna D from Sirius Radio organically created a community of like-minded people to connect and help each other, which over the last year and half became Diva Lounge.  From her own close knit group of friends, each brought one more girlfriend of equal awesomeness and now begins the initiation.  It’s pretty simple, you bring what you have to the table and just talk, get to know each other and become friends with people who are into the same things as you.

Jean Grae

Diva Lounge picks a theme for each monthly meeting whether it is journalism, fashion, beauty or music and  hosts this girl’s-dream kind of tea party for connections, conversations and of course cupcakes (red velvet!).  Also in this mix is Jessica Styles, the founder of The FAB Network which allows women in different stages of the fashion, arts, and beauty industry to find mentors and create synergy for greater success.  Representatives from Sirius XM, AListRadio and the Heavy Hitters were jamming out some classic female anthems to ante-up the event.  And Finally some very special guests including Jean Grae and Mela Machinko, a Brooklyn recording artist who has performed with Talib were out having casual conversations with old friends and new ones too.  Lastly, heads up guys, Jean Grae will be performing at Brooklyn Bowl with host Talib Kweli on June 20th to showcase her new album.  Check out Diva Lounge it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

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