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Earlier today, Lil’ Wayne turned the internet upside down when photos surfaced of the Young Money head honcho looking like he chopped off his infamous dreadlocks.

While we discovered that Wayne was just letting his roots grow out a bit and his dreads were tightly pulled back, it still gave us a preview as to how he would look if he did actually chop them off.

VIDEO: RETIRING? Lil Wayne Says “Tha Carter V Is My Last Album” 

Weezy has been known for his dreads ever since he went solo with his first album Tha Carter back in 2004 and they’ve gotten seriously long over the past few years. But, Weezy isn’t the only celeb that’s made a serious hair change (even though he really didn’t).

PHOTOS: STFU!! Lil Wayne Cuts Off His Dreadlocks?! 

From Jim Jones cutting off his braids, to Miley Cyrus chopping off her long locks into a bleached pixie cut, celebrities have transitioned into whole new people overnight by just switching up their hair.

Check out the list below to see who’s shocked fans by switching up their ‘dos.

Trey Songz chopped off his famous braids while going into his new album “Ready” back in 2009.

Emma Watson decided to get rebellious with a pixie cut back in 2010.

Lloyd got VIBE to document his transition from braids to short hair back in 2010.

Miley Cyrus made headlines this past year when she chopped off her locks for a short blonde pixie cut.

Jim Jones decided to cut the braids off back in 2011.

Natalie Portman shocked the world when she chopped off her hair for her role in “V For Vendetta” 2005.

Carmelo Anthony decided to go for a more clean cut look back in 2008 by chopping off his braids.

Charlize Theron chopped off the blonde locks in 2012.

Jaden Smith cut off his infamous ‘fro this past year in 2012.

Erykah Badu cut all of her hair off this past year for a new look.

Omarion decided to ditch his long-time braids back in 2008.

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