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Victoria’s Secret will be helping women who’ve undergone a mastectomy get a bit of their “sexy back” with some special lingerie. 

Allana Maiden started a petition on, asking Victoria’s Secret to launch a line of mastectomy bras because her mother Debbie was struggling to find a good bra after breast cancer had forced her to remove her breast. Soon after starting the petition, 120,000 people not only signed it, but offered stories of what they went through when looking for a bra after their procedure. Victoria’s Secret took notice.

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Limited Brands’ VP of External Communications, Tammy Roberts Myers, agreed to sit down with Maiden and her mother this morning to talk about their petition. The mother-daughter pair showed up with all of the signatures from the petition printed out, which included comments from cancer survivors like, “I cried when I threw away thousands of dollars of Victoria’s Secret bras I can never wear again.”

Victoria’s Secret offered to fly Allana and her mother to their Columbus, Ohio headquarters to meet with developers. During the visit, the group will meet with various people from cancer hospitals to get their take on the bras as well.

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A Victoria’s Secret spokesperson had this to say about the meeting:

We celebrate those who champion the fight against breast cancer. Victoria’s Secret and our parent company, Limited Brands, have been dedicated to helping eradicate this disease and have committed $10s of millions to cancer research. Ultimately, we are working towards celebrating the day when breast cancer is a thing of the past. In the meantime, we are listening and learning to understand if there are additional ways for our company to continue to extend its support.

As of now, the bras have not been released, but look for Victoria’s Secret’s mastectomy bras to be hit stores later this year.