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A day of fun ends in tears.

A tour bus returning to Tijuana, Mexico suffered a terrible crash involving a truck and a sedan, leaving eight people dead and more than 30 injured on route California 38. Three people were inside the sedan, one in the truck and 38 on the tour bus.

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The mountain’s narrow path seems to be the cause of the collision. Ejecting people from the bus and leaving others trapped, the tour bus is said to be the cause of the fatalities, according to California Highway Patrol spokesman Mario Lopez. 

A survivor of the crash told the San Bernardino Sun “It happened so fast, I don’t know how it all happened. This was supposed to be a good day out with my companions and then this happened.”

It took firefighters two hours to rescue all of those who were injured and rescuers from eight agencies rushed to the sides of the wounded and helped transport the victims to the hospital.

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A spokesman for the San Bernardino County Fire Department said, “Investigation into the cause hasn’t even begun because patient treatment and transport takes priority.”

Amongst the injured were children.

As we give our condolences to the loved ones of those who died in the crash, we pray for good health for those injured.