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Brendon Ayanbadejo is a beast on the football field, and on the front line of civil rights.

EXCLUSIVE: Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo: “Not A Fight For Gay Rights, A Fight For Human Rights!”

The Super Bowl champion has been making his rounds and isn’t shy about his fight to gain equality for gays in the nation. He recently appeared on CNN to talk about why he put himself in the center of the fight, the Super Bowl Blackout, and even 49ers player Chris Culliver’s comments about not allowing gays in football.

“It’s time to treat everybody fairly,” Ayanbadejo said.

“Not only are we trying to dictate who people should love, we are trying to dictate who people should be.”

He continued, talking about marriage equality in Maryland, his own sexuality (he’s not gay) and why the subject is so dear to his heart.

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He also talked about Culliver’s ignorant comments about gay people in the football locker room:

“It’s so ironic because it’s a game of football and it’s a masculine game…we play so hard against each other and for each other. You ask why the Raven’s won the Super Bowl this year? It’s because we loved each other more than the 49ers loved the man next to them. We won this football game because of love. We didn’t win because we’re tougher or more macho…”

Well said, Ayanbedejo! Now that’s the definition of a man…someone who will stand up for human rights, not be embarrassed or shy away from it. Culliver…take notes.