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First it was Michelle Obama’s clothes…now it’s her weight.

BLOG: Chill The Eff Out, It’s Just Clothing! Stop Being So Sensitive About Michelle Obama’s Fashion

A football coach and psychology teacher in Alabama was caught on tape by one of his students calling the First Lady “Fat Butt Michelle Obama,” and saying that the fit First Lady was “overweight.”

“Look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight,” said the adult in charge, Bob Grisham, who claims he misspoke during a debate exercise.

The First Lady, whose campaign “Let’s Move” tackles obesity in America and is helping pave the way to a healthier nation, is serious about eating clean and working out.

And she has the guns to prove it:

But that didn’t stop the coach, who has now been suspended for a week and must attend sensitivity training, from talking about her weight. The coach even included gays in his rant, saying this:

“I don’t believe in queers, I don’t like queers … I don’t like being around queers. Our country is going in the wrong direction.”

Seems like his rant was less about our FLOTUS’ imaginary obesity and more about his views on minorities in America.

To make matters worse, parents are outraged…less about his comments and more about the teacher’s punishment.

According to NY Mag:

Despite the unequivocal racism, sexism, and homophobia therein, Grisham has his defenders — on the school board. “I thought five days without pay was all he should get,” said one member. Others in the community believe the real problem here is the children: “Bob Grisham is a good Christian man,” one man said*. “If we had more teachers like him, we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems that exist today.”

“I don’t agree with kids getting to take cell phones in class,” another adult added, really getting to the heart of the issue. “This should never have happened.” 

Yes…that should have never happened. But we’re not talking about the cell phones in class…we’re talking about the outright bigotry and intolerance.

Priorities, people.


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