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The fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean that happened a couple weeks ago had all of us shocked and nervous as to what the repercussions would be for both artists.

While fans were panicking about what would happen to Chris – being that he’s on probation – this whole fiasco was just good news for Tony Parker.

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The NBA star is currently suing W.i.P. in NYC after he got an eye injury from Chris Brown having a bottle-throwing brawl in the nightclub with rapper Drake.

According to TMZ, Breezy’s scuffle with Frank gives Tony the ability to use it as evidence in his case that Chris has too much of a temper to even be allowed in a club.

The site reports:

Tony has just filed new legal docs in his lawsuit, claiming Chris Brown’s parking-spot fiasco last week with Frank Ocean is proof he’s unfit to socialize in places where he’s likely to fly off the handle.

You’ll recall … the fight between team Brown and team Drake at W.i.P. erupted because both men were romantically linked to Rihanna.

And speaking of Rihanna … Tony’s new legal docs make reference to her brutal beating … at the hands of one Chris Brown.

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Tony believes that Chris shouldn’t have been allowed inside W.i.P. to get into the fight that left him injured in the first place.

Dragging Chris’ name through the mud may not be best way for Tony to win this case, but after an eye injury that prevented him from competing in the 2012 London Olympics, it’s easy to understand his frustration.