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We really, really didn’t think that it was possible for David Beckham to be any more good looking, but alas, the H&M lords have bestowed upon us yet another treat: Beckham stripping down to his undies after being locked out of his home…and swimming in pools, and doing a plethora of sexy things. 

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The latest ad, oops we mean short film, from H&M features the soccer player doing all of the above with some aerobics and the lucky man who directed the short was none other than Madonna’s ex-flame, English screenwriter, film director and producer, Guy Ritchie. 

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The best part about this video? The fact that Beckham used a body double for some of his stunts, which only means there is someone just as gorgeous as him roaming this green earth. 

Check out the short in the video above and note that there isn’t a person living who can make picking a wedgie this hot.