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Kristin Cavallari showed up to the launch of her jewelry line at Kitson in L.A. this week, and it was hard to tell she just had a baby six months ago. 

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Kristin and NFL baller Jay Cutler are the proud parents of their first son Camden Cutler, and Kristin is fit and in the best shape of her life.

Now, she’s finally revealing the secret to bouncing back into shape so fast: 

“I’m like a freak about eating healthy,” she told Us. “I’ve always been a really healthy eater. I think when I got pregnant I took it up another notch, just because I was so aware of what I was putting in my body. I’ve just maintained that since I’ve had Cam. And honestly, I rarely drink alcohol, which helps too. It’s just empty calories.”

The 26-year-old does eat a little junk food every now and then, admitting that she has a sweet tooth. 

“I have a huge sweet tooth but I’ll get dark chocolate with caramel,” she explained. “Or there’s an ice cream at Whole Foods called Coconut Bliss, which is made out of coconut milk, and so, to me, that’s not really cheating.”

From the looks of things, she can cheat a lot more and still be fine! 

SOURCE: Us Weekly || Photo via WENN