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You know what, Nemo? You have little to no consideration about the things that matter to some of us, like looking fashionable. 

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Snowstorms used to mean bundling up in any way possible to ensure that not one bit of coldness, or a single snowflake infiltrated our clothing, which often results in looking like the Michelin man. But now as adults, we kind of have to seek fashionable alternatives to just throwing on a pair of old sweats and boots. 

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Just in time for Nemo’s un-appointed arrival, we have rounded up 4 looks to help you get a little inspiration for the next few gloomy days. 


Day 1 is always the most intense of them all, so don’t get caught slipping when it comes to footwear, and we mean that as literally as possible. Good snow boots are a must when gearing up to go outside, and even though they aren’t the nicest things to look it, it’s totally forgivable if paired with fashionable alternatives. Keep that coat long in case you take a little spill; the booty area under the coat will be left dry. 

Oh, so you still want to make it to Fashion Week parties and dinners while mingling like the little social butterfly you are? That is cool. Opt for a a fluffy oversized coat to keep you snuggled up and bring in a kick of style with metallic Doc Martin boots. Not enough white stuff outside? Bring the snow party to your fingertips with this snow-inspired China Glaze polish. 

Some of us run from the snow, while others see it as a prime opportunity to get some winter sports in, but being on the slopes doesn’t mean you have to abandon all girlie things! Add a little pink with some moon boots for the snowboard and be sure to keep those lips protected from the blistering cold with a tinted Burt’s Bees balm. 

The snow is melting, Nemo has done his damage and now it is time to troop it back to work. Four words: Pile. on. the. layers. Bundle it up, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your selection. Be mindful to keep sensible shoes in mind when trudging back, things are still a little slippery in those streets. 

Take that Nemo! You can take our weekend, but you sure can’t take our style. 

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