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One year ago today, music lost one of the greatest female voices of all time, Whitney Houston

STORY: A Love Letter To Whitney Houston 

The music community was deeply saddened by the loss of Whitney on the eve of their biggest night, and the world was at a complete loss for words when it was revealed the 48-year-old singer had tragically passed in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills Hotel room.

It seemed like the ending to a classic Hollywood tragedy, but Whitney’s life was more than a story about torment and pain, it was about triumph, success, and most importantly, love. 

PHOTOS: Whitney Houston’s Last Time In Public

When Whitney wasn’t belting out ballads or yelling out “Bobbayyy!,” Whitney was juggling the busy schedule of being an actress and adoring mother. 

Although it’s been a year, we still can’t believe that Whitney is really gone. Despite her absence from this life in the flesh, Whitney will forever live in our hearts. From Whitney’s fiery antics to her showstopping performances, GlobalGrind rounded up 10 random reasons why we’ll forever miss “Nippy.” 

RIP Whit! 

Check out the 10 reasons why we will forever miss Whitney Houston below!

Whitney Houston’s Star Spangled Banner 

Whitney Houston’s rendition of the National Anthem is like no other. Whitney’s uncanny ability to deliver a stellar rendition of one of the most difficult songs to sing live, “The Star Spangled Banner,” makes her one of those singers who will forever remain unmatched.   

Whitney Houston to haters: “Kiss My Ass!” 

We’ve all done it. Yup, that’s right. Who hasn’t told someone to “kiss their ass?” But there’s something about Whitney yelling out the explicit command that makes our heart smile. 

Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” 

Get your tissues ready!

There’s something about Whitney Houston singing “I Will Always Love You,” which immediately causes one to burst into unstoppable tears. 

We will always love YOU Whitney.

Whitney makes it known that “Crack Is Wack” 

Who needs D.A.R.E. when you got Whitney? 

As if the world didn’t know that crack cocaine was bad, Whitney Houston made the official declaration, “CRACK IS WACK!” 

Although her infamous interview with Diane Sawyer was seen as a low point in Whitney’s career, we think it’s another reason why we’ll miss the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” singer. 

Whitney Houston Wants To See “Receipts” 

You shouldn’t only hold onto your receipts for tax season, you should also hold onto your receipts in case Diana Sawyer tries to accuse you of using an ungodly amount of drugs. 

And remember ladies and gents, if you visit your local drug dealer make sure you get a receipt because Whitney said so. 

Whitney’s friendly duel with fellow diva Mariah Carey 

Whitney and Mariah were always pinned against each other as “dueling divas” in the media, but in real life, Mariah and Whit were actually good friends. Seeing these two immensely talented singers on one stage literally made our lives worth living.  

Whitney Houston as a loving mother

There was one person that Whitney loved unconditionally, and that was her adorable daughter Bobbi Kristina. Seeing Whitney as a loving and caring mom made fans and critics realize that Whitney was just like you and I. 

Whitney Waits To Exhale 

Whitney Houston stunned the movie critics in her breakout role as “Rachel” on The Bodyguard co-starring Kevin Costner, but it was her role as “Savannah” in Waiting To Exhale that touted the R&B diva as a legitimate actress.   

Whitney makes a comeback 

Despite the trials and tribulations Whitney experienced throughout her career, she always managed to make a comeback. It wasn’t until her last comeback in 2009, when she released her last album I Look To You, that fans realized that Whitney had the will to live. 


Whitney and Bobby Take Over The 1995 MTV VMAS

Whitney and Bobby Brown were probably the most polarizing couple in the history of Hollywood. Rumors of the bad boy from Boston turning the good church girl from Jersey bad only fueled the media melee. Despite how you felt about these two as a couple, Whitney and Bobby were always entertaining to watch.