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In the words of Beyonce‘s husband Jay-Z, “It was all good just a week ago.” 

A happy Kelly Rowland joined King Bey on stage at the Super Bowl for one of the best halftime shows in Super Bowl history, but just a week later, she left an outing with Beyonce in real tears!

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The “Halo” singer and sister Solange went to Kelly’s birthday lunch at Gjelina Restaurant on trendy Abbott Kinney Boulevard in the Venice, CA area – but something happened.

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Kelly was spotted after the lunch, straight bawling. At first it was difficult to notice, but Kelly lifted up her shades and giant tears streamed down her pretty little face. 

After the brief Destiny’s Child reunion, Kelly told E! News:

“When I looked on the other side of the stage at the Super Bowl and I saw Beyoncé and Michelle [Williams], my heart just went into my throat. I was so happy. It was just such a beautiful moment.

Now everybody’s asking about other things, if we’re gonna do other things. We’re like “No, we’re still doing our solo things.” 

Beyonce was spotted leaving a bit puffy-eyed as well.

While there hasn’t been word why Kelly was crying, let’s hope it was nothing more than a nostalgic walk down DC memory lane!