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Like many things Beyonce owned this Saturday night and she started it all with who better than Oprah and a special episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter.

In a one hour chat the two power women touched on it all. From her 12 minute Super Bowl performance, severing ties from her dad-ager, Mathew Knowles, her tragic miscarriage to her now beautiful baby Blue Ivy, Bey reflected on it all AND even said she plans on having another baby!

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On Blue Ivy: “She is hilarious and she is fire. … Lord, I’m gonna have me a time,” said Bey about her now 13-month-old baby, who she describes as “very smart.” She loves to read and do flash cards.

On how fatherhood has changed Jay-Z: “He’s a different human being and it’s really beautiful to see a young man, such a great father, and I’m so lucky.”

On expanding their family: “Maybe after this next tour, I’ll maybe have another baby.”

On Sasha Fierce: “I don’t really need Sasha Fierce. I don’t really have the alter ego that’s so different. … I’m more connected to my art because I feel like Sasha Fierce lives within me all the time.”

On why she doesn’t tweet: “It’s so much fun to tell my stories through photography. That’s what I chose to do.”

On how she has changed: “I’m trying to take it easy. Do things when I’m inspired.”

During her special with Oprah and the world premiere of her documentary, Beyonce stopped by the Sprite 2 Kings Dinner hosted by her hubby Jay-Z and LeBron James.

She chose a night of partying with the rich and fabulous as the world tuned in to step inside of her private life.

Viewers who were glued to the television stayed tuned in for the premiere of her documentary “Life Is But A Dream” right after her Oprah interview, where she showed off her journey to success through her eyes over the past couple of years.

There’s no such thing as too much Beyonce! Check out  her sitdown with O in the video above!