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In the world of paparazzis and red carpets apperances it can get pretty a high strung and stressful and it’s doesn’t always go as smoothly as celebs would hope sometimes.

PHOTOS: SHEER GENIUS! Anne Hathaway Was A Midnight Chanel Dream In Germany

Anne Hathaway got a taste of that at the recent 2013 BAFTA awards. While we all thought she looked effortlessly on point, the actress reveals to Jay Leno it wasn’t really so easy breezy as it appeared.

Appearing on the late night talk show she actually reveals a zipper broke on the dress she really wanted to wear and her and her team preceeded to sew her into it but that also didn’t look right so Anne went with dress number two. By the time this was all settled the Les Miserable actress was late and getting boo-ed by fans.

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She says:

“I was so late that I had to run straight down to the end of the carpet and miss all the interviews,”

The Dark Knight Rises star continues:

“And, the worst part was, I missed the fans. They’re out in the cold and the rain and the sleet, and they booed me.”


Well now that we know why Anne was on the run we’re sure her fans will forgive her. Who can stay mad at that face?!

Check out her Jay Leno interview in the video above!

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