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Another bright light tarnished by gun violence.

DETAILS:C’MON! Chicago Woman Killed After Sister Hears Obama Speak On Gun Violence

Frances Colon, 18, was fatally shot in the back in Humboldt Park in Chicago on the same night as President Obama’s speech on gun violence at Hyde Park Academy. She was the third person from Roberto Clemente Community Academy to be gunned down this school year. 

Colon was quite studious and dreamed of a bright future. She was often the “Student of The Month” at Roberto Clemente Community Academy. 

Colon’s principal, Marcey Sorensen, commented on the murders: “I’m sick of it. How many more kids have to die before we do something?”

Students at Roberto Clemente Community Academy have been provided the much needed support by a crisis team, as the murdering of classmates seems never ending.

Rey Dorentes, 14, a freshman at the high school, and Jeffrey Stewart, 16, were shot earlier in the school year.

Sorensen says, “Our kids live in fear and because of that, they are incredibly resilient.”

Police believe Colon was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, no arrests have been made, but investigators are trying to bring the shooter to justice.

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Before the students of Roberto Clemente Community Academy can find peace with the loss of classmates, they are exposed to heart-shattering news that yet another friend won’t make it to class. Even on a night for togetherness, a night that could lead to more lives lived, children like Frances Colon, Rey Dorentes, Jeffrey Stewart and Janay MacFarlene are killed. 

How bright is our future if those who are expected to be leaders are taken from us?

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune