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Lil Wayne dropped a bombshell when he told the world he had sex with Adrienne Bosh, the wife of NBA All Star Chris Bosh, but their relationship was really no secret. 

DETAILS: Lil Wayne and Adrienne Bosh Slept Together And She Conned Him

In fact it was so well known, that rapper Gillie Da Kid used the info to diss Lil Wayne on the 2007 freestyle “Fronting Like Ya Daddy.” If you haven’t heard, Lil Wayne used to sleep with Adrienne before she was married, and still going by Adrienne “Short Stack” Williams. Things went south when she allegedly told Lil Wayne she had cancer and he gave her a large sum of money. But instead of getting treatment, she vanished. 

DETAILS: NBA Responds To Lil Wayne’s Claim That He’s Banned

Apparently Wayne told the story to a few people, and Gillie was quick to bring it up on diss track aimed at the rapper. Gillie says:

“What about the time in New York when the shorty told you she had cancer. Had you in the room all teary eyed and then you give her a check for 10 thousand. Then they called you the next day and tell you she ain’t got cancer.”

A fan asked Gillie if he talking about Chris Bosh’s wife on that track and Gillie just retweeted it as the co-sign.

Wow! Also we are still waiting on a flat-out denial from Adrienne Bosh. If Lil Wayne was really shedding tears about her situation, she must have been very convincing.

Click here to listen to Gillie’s diss record, “Fronting Like My Daddy.” 

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