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Remember that immigration plan that leaked this weekend that would allow immigrants with no documents to gain residency after 8 years?

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To Republican relief, the White House is now saying that the leaked plans are only a backup in case Congress fails to produce comprehensive legislation of their own.

“The administration will be ready to move forward in the event the bipartisan process gets bogged down and is not able to produce a bill,” the administration official said. “But our focus remains on supporting the congressional process.”

When the plans were originally released, a firestorm ensued when Republicans in Congress quickly panned the administration for leaking a proposal with no bipartisan input.

A White House official said the administration was not “floating anything” and was “surprised” to find out the press had obtained the details. Instead, the official said, the White House was simply preparing for the possibility that the current political climate could cause gridlock that would delay or prevent the President from following through on one of his campaign promises.

“We’ll be prepared in the event that the bipartisan talks going on the Hill — which by the way we’re aggressively supporting —  if those do not work out, then we’ll have an option we’re ready to put out there,” White House chief of staff Denis McDonough said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

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But how was the plan leaked in the first place?

Former senior adviser to the President, David Axelrod, said the administration made an error by circulating the memo to various government agencies and throughout the West Wing.

“The mistake there was to disseminate it so widely in the administration that it got leaked, and I’m sure if they could they’d take that back,” he said.

Well, Republicans and Democrats better get it together or that backup plan will be the real deal!


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