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For those of you not familiar with PROJECT in Las Vegas, it’s basically a trade show where brands from all over the country come to present for the next season. Everyone has a booth and potential buyers from different stores all over the world come by to see if they would like to invest into the brand for their establishment.

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Most people set up really creative booths, others are a bit more basic, but they all have the same end product – to sell the brand.

It seems like SSUR made a bit too much money from their now-famous Comme des FuckDown collection of clothes based off of Comme des Garcons and made popular by A$AP Rocky, because their booth was nothing like any of the others.

Instead of setting up a place for potential buyers, they roped their booth off with Caution tape and set up an art installation that seems to depict a murder scene. Not just any murder scene either. This one seems to involve a lot of drugs, money and firearms and severed extremities all accompanied by a blown up picture of a dead body covered in money.

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We’re not sure if this is what SSUR’s upcoming collection will be based on, but there definitely were no articles of clothing or accessories to confirm either way. We guess only time will tell, but for now, have a look at the gallery above for the gory murder scene turned art installation!

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