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Jesse Jackson Jr. done got himself into some trouble, for real this time!

DETAILS: Dirty Money! Jesse Jackson Jr. Charged With Illegally Spending Campaign Funds 

The former U.S. Representative pleaded guilty this morning to a conspiracy count involving the misuse of more than $750,000 in campaign cash.

He is set to face prison time when he is sentenced this summer.

A plea deal from both parties details the sentencing guidelines, which call for a sentence of 46-57 months. Jackson would not be eligible for probation.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Jackson spoke softly during the hearing and dabbed his eyes with a tissue.

“I am guilty, your honor.”

Asked to sum up his conduct, Jackson acknowledged misusing campaign funds.

“I used money I shouldn’t have. . .for personal purposes, and I acknowledge that,” Jackson told the judge.

Leaving the courtroom, Jackson told a reporter “tell everybody back home I’m sorry I let ’em down, OK?”

But what did he buy with all that money!?

DETAILS: Oh No! Jesse Jackson, Jr. Is Looking At Jail Time In Plea Deal 

Prosecutors accused Jackson Jr. of improper spending of campaign cash for a $43,350 men’s Rolex watch, nearly $9,600 in children’s furniture and $5,150 in cashmere clothing and furs. He is charged with filing false tax returns for six years, most recently calendar year 2011.

Well damn!

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune