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For all of you Chrianna haters, it’s time to let go of all the hate and accept that RiRi and Chris are united as one with lots of dysfunctional love, money, and weed on their side. 

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After seeing how happy Rihanna was on her 25th birthday with her baby Chris by her side, GlobalGrind decided to round up our favorite date night pics of Chrianna. 

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From intimate dates on exclusive islands, to quick trips to KFC, RiRi and Breezy know how to get romantic – no matter the time or location.  

Witness for yourself how in love Chris and Rihanna are in their 20 best date night pics below!

Chrianna courtside date. 

Chrianna shopping date. 

Chrianna court date. 

Chrianna concert date. 

Chrianna at the club. 

Chrianna on an intimate date. 

Chrianna’s Lamborghini date. 

Chrianna getting cozy in a hot tub. 

Chrianna’s thug life date. 

Chrianna’s “love in this club” date. 

Chrianna’s studio date. 

Chrianna celebrating RiRi’s 20th birthday. 

Chrianna celebrating RiRi’s 25th birthday. 

Chrianna’s fast food date. 

Chrianna’s wet and wild date. 

Chrianna’s Pre-Grammy date – before the violence. 

Chrianna’s Grammy date – after the violence. 

Chrianna’s Kentucky Fried Chicken date. 

Chrianna’s cake, cake, cake date.