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M.I.A. is no stranger to controversy, but her latest statement is quite bold. 

NEW VIDEO: M.I.A “Bad Girls” 

The “Bad Girls” rapper hopped on Twitter to announce that she’s keeping a “Stealing Log” this year.

The “Paper Planes” rapper plans to call out any other artists or organization who takes her ideas, and plans to post the culture vultures on her personal Tumblr site. 

M.I.A’s latest gripe is with the Grammys, after watching Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Sting, and the Marleys’ tribute to Bob Marley. 

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M.I.A claims the Grammys copied her Tamil Hindu-inspired set, which she uses on many of her tours. 

M.I.A posted a picture comparing the two sets with a caption that reads: 

“MIA VS THE SYSTEM. My ideas came from my life. My set was based on Tamil Hindu temple. Not Bob Marley.” She added, “If u wanna see the real thing or get it first, come to a M.I.A. show!”

What do you think? Did the Grammys rip M.I.A off? 

M.I.A is currently working on her Matangi album, which is due out sometime this spring. 

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