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The red carpet trends of the Oscars ranged from metallic to pastels but the one under dweller that swept the market was the puppy purse. Yep, that is right, the puppy purse.

At just 9 years old Quvenzhane Wallis is the youngest person ever to be nominated for an Oscar and she dressed to fit the part in a royal blue floor length gown, but of course she brought along her trusted puppy purse.

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For every red carpet of her budding career, Quvenzhane has brought a puppy tote to amp up her fit, and it looks like it has paid off as the company has seen a serious boost in sales following her Oscar red carpet appearance. 

According to TMZ

A rep for Poochie & Co. tells TMZ, the stuffed Yorkie purse was specifically designed for Wallis — the youngest ever Best Actress nominee for her role in “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”
We’re told Wallis has been wearing the company’s puppy purses to various media events since January — resulting in a steady double-digit growth for the company — but this morning, the company saw an exponential upsurge in sales numbers.

Looks like the little actress is a driving force when it comes to marketing, and she’s only 9! 

Check out Quvenzhane rocking some of her favorite puppy purses in the gallery above.