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Russell Westbrook knows his way around the court. 

As a three-time All-Star, Russell has become one of the most well respected point guards in the league, but it seems like the fashion community has been giving him props as well.

New York Times, Vogue America, Complex, Sports Illustrated and most recently Italian Vogue have all written about Russell’s impeccable fashion sense.

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Russell Westbrook makes a quick appearance for the February issue of Vogue Italia.  While there is only one photo of Russell, taken by Peter Ash Lee, Tim Lee of Italian Vogue got a chance to talk to the NBA all-star about his impeccable style and what he found might surprise you.

On not having a stylist:

“I don’t understand why I should hire someone to dress me. I like following my style, mixing garments that have different inspirations and ambitions. Why leave to someone else the pleasure?”

On the possibility of having to play some NBA games in Europe:

“it would be very exhausting in terms of flights and time zones, [but] it wouldn’t be so bad to play in Milan or Paris during Fashion Week.”

On why he loves fashion:

“I can’t explain it, it’s something I have always felt: I love fashion and I love following it”

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You will have tons of opportunities to catch up on Russell Westbrook’s fashion sensibilities throughout the NBA season. To read Russell Westbrook’s full editorial head over to Vogue Italia.

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