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Now this is some future sh*t. 

Last night, Dita Von Teese premiered the first ever 3D printed dress.

The burlesque dancer wore a dress created by Michael Schmidt, who has also created costumes for Cher and Lady Gaga. 

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This time around, with the help of architect Francis Bitoni, Michael used digital rendering technology to design the dress and then collaborated with Shapeways, a 3D printing company, to create the dress with a fabric-like substance called powdered nylon. The final product was painted black and covered with 12,000 black Swarovski crystals.

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Since the dress is composed more of paper than actual fabric, it’s not totally wearable, and we’re almost positive that Dita didn’t sit at any point last night – but she looked damn good and isn’t that what matters? 

Check out the picture of the dress above.