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This week, Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live, while rap sensation Macklemore performed. While both dudes did their thing, their performances weren’t what had people buzzing after the show.

DETAILS: HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER: Daft Punk To Release New Album In 2013 

During the program, a 15-second Daft Punk commercial aired. The ad featured a clip of Daft Punk’s new song, which we assume will be the first single off their upcoming comeback album.

We were overjoyed this morning to learn that the group released an extended preview version of the funky, disco-sounding track.   

DETAILS: RUMOR HAS IT: Daft Punk To Headline Coachella 2013 

No new album has been officially announced yet, but those dudes have something up their sleeve. About a month ago we reported that the group had signed a deal with Columbia records. A couple of weeks later, the group confirmed this news by posting the picture you see above. (Peep the little Columbia logo on he bottom.)

They also posted the picture below, which was taken at the Columbia records office recently.

We are officially PUMPED!