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If you say it isn’t racist, then it probably is.

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Take it from Indiana University student Samuel Hendrickson, who uploaded a video to his Facebook page yesterday that was titled “Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist).”

But I assure you all…it was totally racist.

Maybe it was the part about all Asians looking alike. Or that they all work at sweatshops. Or the positive one about them being good at math.

Sam…those are all racist.

But then it gets worse. He talks about Asian men being bad in bed and asks his audience could they imagine an Asian high on weed…that’s double “chink eye,” he said.

Then there was the part about sushi tasting bad. Which is absolutely false. Everyone knows that!

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But Sam thought all of this was very appropriate. I mean, he posted it on the internet for all to see. But after major backlash, he sent out this tweet as a half-assed apology for his insensitivity.

But that didn’t do. People were still upset. So he erased that and put this:

I would like to really apologize to the entire Asian race and anyone else offended by my video. What I did was a joke but was not taken as one, with that being said, I sincerely am sorry for offending anyone.

Serious side eye to you, Sam Hendrickson! Watch the disturbing video if you can do so without getting pissed.

SOURCE: Gawker


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