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Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen got her 200,000th follower on Twitter. To celebrate the occasion, Chrissy did what everyone who reaches 200,000 followers should do: she posted a picture of herself in the nude on Instagram.

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Cool, pic, right? Sh*t, we think so. However, there should be a problem. As people like Chief Keef and Madonna already know, there are strict rules against posting “nude, partially nude…pornographic or sexually suggestive photos.”

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The pic you see above clearly violates those rules. Chrissy knew this as well. Here is the caption she attached:

“If this doesn’t get me suspended I dunno what will.”  

Well, clearly it didn’t, because her Instagram is still rockin’ and rollin.’ However, after having the pic up for a couple of hours, it now seems to be deleted from her account.

Last night she tweeted this:

She then tweeted this today:

We’re not sure what happened with the pic, but, honestly, we’re not even mad at any of this.

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