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Ladies and Gents, Tina Turner has officially proved she has access to the elusive fountain of youth! 

She was gone for a while, but the legend is back in a big way for the April 2013 cover of Vogue Germany. 

The cover story, titled “Simply Amazing,” is a play off her first greatest hits compilation that was released on October 22, 1991, (and the chorus of “The Best”) and features Tina giving the young girls a run for their cover stories. 

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Tina looks fierce in a sleek navy blue outfit sporting a red pout and a more age appropriate version of her infamous blonde hair. Oh, and did we mention she is 73?

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Unfortunately we don’t get a look at how Tina’s famous legs have aged, but she looks flawless.

The cover was shot by Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer for Vogue Germany April 2013.

Miss Tina is serving it UP and has us all questioning, what’s age got to do with it?!