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A South African park had a lot on its hands after over 40 children were injured by an attack of a swarm of bees.

Of the multiple children, paramedics said that four of them were critically injured from wounds.

According to Wire Update, the attack happened around 3:30 PM as 80 children from a pre-primary school were about to board their bus.

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A spokesperson for the ambulance service said of the incident:

“They were waiting for a bus when things went drastically wrong. A swarm of bees came out of nowhere and attacked the children.”

“Four of them were in a critical condition when the paramedics arrived on scene. One of the critically injured children was airlifted with the Netcare medical helicopter to the Charlotte Maxeke hospital.”

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He continued:

“I am a bee keeper and we only have African bees here, commonly known as the honey bee.”

Fortunately the venom from the bees is not deadly, even though the swarm has earned the name of “killer bees”.

We hope that the children injured are doing better and heal quickly.