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After remixing Drake‘s “Started From The Bottom,” it’s safe to say that Karmin hasn’t given up on doing dope ass song covers and remixes!

NEW MUSIC: Karmin “Started From The Bottom (Remix)!”

The hip-pop duo decided to have some creative fun with labelmate Future‘s “Karate Chop,” by mashing it up with the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.”

Amy brings her “Dr. Dre with Marilyn Monroe” shtick together, as she sings and raps on this crazy remix: 

“Never heard my daddy curse, not a single word/ Mama teaches first grade, do your homework/ Bible study everyday ’til I’m eighteen/ Been in control, don’t go Charlie Sheen.”

NEW VIDEO: Karmin “Brokenhearted!”

“Karate Chop/Sweet Dreams” is part of Karmin’s “Manic Mondays” series.

Check it out below!

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