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Tupac might have a one-time hologram, but Biggie’s spirit will live on as a character in his son CJ Wallace’s cartoon series, House Of Wallace. 

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That’s right, Notorious B.I.G. will be a character on the animated series in the form of a friendly ghost.

Gawker reports:

According to its press release, House of Wallace will follow the story of C.J. Wallace, 16, and T’yanna Wallace, 19, as they struggle to prevent their father’s Brooklyn music studio from being replaced by “a cookie cutter ‘entertainment factory.'”

In order to bring in money, the kids turn the studio into a “jingle house,” where famous artists record commercial jingles for “some of the world’s best-known brand names” by day. By night, the kids lay down tracks that honor the studio’s “Notorious heritage.”

Could we be hearing CJ drop some rhymes? He’s dodged ideas of rapping full time, but maybe we can hear some bars on this new show!

As for his dad, Gawker writes:

A Biggie character will appear “in ethereal form to guide [the children] through the adversities they face,” though not, evidently, away from crazy ideas like creating a cartoon featuring a ghost version of himself that tramps the earth to help his children record commercials.

Seems like this might be a new hit for the generation to come.

SOURCE: Gawker

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