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Mobile food trucks are getting a serious makeover by designers and fashionistas as they mobilize fashion to bring style to the streets.

These trucks are popping up all over the place from LA to Baltimore, Nashville, DC, and even Harlem. We are seeing fashion trucks parked at concert venues, on college campuses, and along popular neighborhood curbsides.

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In this thriving economy, what better way to save money on start up capital than to invest in a store on wheels? Not only are you maximizing every cent of your investment, but you will also have the flexibility of bringing your business where the shoppers are. 

With the increasing use of social media, low costs, and freedom of mobility, it’s no wonder that fashion trucks are quickly gaining trend status. A large shopping audience is now easily accessible to small businesses, whose trucks attract shoppers for convenience and novelty of the experience.

Nneka Green-Ingram, a former MTA city bus driver and Harlem based designer, tells DNAinfo that, “Location is everything.” She parks her “Celebrities Mobile Boutique” on the corner of 125th St. between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.

“Harlem is known for their fashion sense so I thought this was a great fit for them,” said Green-Ingram.

Mobile fashion trucks have also been known to springboard into online stores.

Vanessa Lurie from Portland, Oregon gutted and revamped a 1969 Deluxe Cardinal trailer to create a vintage boutique complete with a dressing room. Her mobile fashion venture would lead to the launch of her online store Wanderlust.

She describes branching out to an online market to CNN, “They’re just really different experiences. People were so amazed by the trailer itself and the setup. You’d get into these really funny situations when people had to use the teeny dressing room.”

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The only foreseeable pitfall of running a business from a truck is being at the mercy of the weather, as well as hoping that business will be able to find you.

Traditional retail locations deal with these same setbacks, but at least the mobile fashion truck can drive away if times are tough!