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The Irish are so damn lucky.

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Our fiery red-headed friends weren’t always seen as gorgeous gingers, but with it being St.Patrick’s Day we’re celebrating the various hues of their fierce red tresses. 

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From iconic actresses like Julia Roberts to beautiful singers like Florence Welch, GlobalGrind rounded up the 20 hottest gingers in Hollywood. 

Check out the 20 hottest gingers in Hollywood below!

Actress Evan Rachel Wood 

Actress Isla Fisher 

Actress Molly Ringwald 

Comedienne Kathy Griffin

Actress Marcia Cross

UK Singer Ed Sheeran

Actress Lindsay Lohan 

Actress Cynthia Nixon

Actress Nicole Kidman

UK singer Florence Welch

Actress Kate Winslet

Actress Laura Prepon 

Actor Ewan McMcgregor 

Actress Debra Messing

Actress Julia Roberts

Actress Alyson Hannigan 

Actress Christina Hendricks

Actress Julianne Moore

Actress Emma Stone

Actor Seth Green

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