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Here we go again.

DETAILS: Motion Denied! Zimmerman Attorneys Can’t Depose Trayvon Martin Family Lawyer 

After Circuit Judge Debra Nelson denied a request for George Zimmerman’s defense to question Benjamin Crump, they are now asking her to reconsider the motion.

At the hearing last month, Nelson rejected the Zimmerman attorneys’ previous request for a deposition of Crump, who in March conducted an interview with “Witness 8,” the key state witness who says she was on the phone with the 17-year-old in the moment before his fatal encounter with Zimmerman.

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Now, after a recent revelation that the witness falsely claimed she was hospitalized after the shooting, the defense argues that her credibility is in question, therefore, they have to find out what Crump knows.

“Now that Witness 8’s credibility is at issue because of this contradictory and possibly perjurious testimony, deposing Mr. Crump is even more necessary and relevant for further determination of additional misrepresentation of lies, to document further bases for impeachment of Witness 8, and other necessary matters,” the motion says.

When the deposition issue arose, Crump filed an affidavit which he said explained everything he knew about the interview with Witness 8. But the defense’s new motion calls his affidavit “not only incomplete, but… also inaccurate.”

There is no word yet on if the request will be fulfilled.

This story is developing.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel