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Lil Wayne just tweeted, and this time we believe it’s actually him:

Glad to see he’s feeling better and back to his usual self.


As Lil Wayne heads home from the hospital, there is still some controversy surrounding his stay at L.A. medical center Cedars-Sinai.

STORY: Lil Wayne Released From The Hospital

Friday night, as TMZ received much backlash for their “insensitive” reporting that Wayne was in a coma, the rapper’s camp claimed he was awake and well, and to prove this, a tweet was sent out from Wayne’s Twitter account stating:

Determined to prove their sources were correct, TMZ then reported:

Wayne is sleeping right now … which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he’s OK and thanking people for the prayers and love. 

Tech writer Kyle Sandler suspected something odd was going on, as we all did, so he did some research and determined there was no way Wayne could have sent that tweet from Cedars-Sinai. He tweeted:

So who tweeted from Wayne’s account, and was Wayne’s camp lying about the rapper’s status? We do know that the YMCMB head honcho has been released from the hospital, but we still don’t know the entire truth about what went on Friday night.

Mack Maine spoke with our friends over at XXL Magazine since the incident and gave some insight on the whole ordeal. They report:

“That Tweet [that he sent out on Friday] wasn’t sent out on that same phone line. I’m not sure if he Tweeted that or not. I wasn’t with him at the present moment. One of his fans could have Tweeted that, I’m not really sure where that came from.”

But, just to clarify, Mack Maine did tweet Friday night that he was watching the Syracuse game with Lil Wayne and he was going to get him to tweet and let the fans know he was OK:

And, if you thought things couldn’t get any shadier, Mack Maine tweeted last night that he never spoke with XXL about Wayne’s condition:

Things that make you go hmmm. Would XXL post a fake interview? We’re going with no. And, they haven’t pulled it down, soooo…

We’re so happy to know Wayne is doing better, but we still want to know the truth behind his hospitalization. Stay on GlobalGrind for all the latest surrounding Wayne’s health status.

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