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GQ is the go-to magazine for men’s style. When it comes to fashion they may be leaders in the industry, but the mag rarely ventures into the world of hip-hop.

If ever there is a hip-hop spread in GQ, it normally focuses on one rapper, however for GQ Style UK‘s “Bigger Than Hip-Hop” editorial, they profiled 8 of the biggest new names on the hip-hop scene!

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Matthew Stone was on hand to photograph the yearbook-like photos of Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky and Miguel among others that made it to the list in the latest issue of GQ Style UK.

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Don’t get it twisted either, two female rappers made it into the usual “boys club” of new rappers. Angel Haze and the ever interesting Brooke Candy are both featured in the spread alongside the fellas on the list.

Take a look at all the names that made it to GQ Style UK’s “Bigger Than Hip-Hop” list in the gallery above.