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Whoever said the hip-hop entertainment industry was easy told a grand lie, and we are finally getting a deeper look with the super trailer of The Gossip Game.

VIDEO: Hip-Pop Hits TV! A First Look At Vh1’s “The Gossip Game!”

The maven of reality TV gems, Vh1, has gathered some of the top women in the hip-hop entertainment industry to bring the inner workings of the game to the television. 

The cameras follow the lives of the likes of The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee, Hot 97’s K. Foxx, and our very own Sharon Carpenter.

VIDEO: DJ Envy Reveals Secrets Of The Breakfast Club!

These ladies let us step into their shoes and see what their world is like, as they progress their careers to dominate the music gossip game.

Check out the super trailer for The Gossip Game above, with a short cameo from our boss man Russell dropping a little knowledge about the game.

Be sure to catch The Gossip Game when premieres on Vh1 April 1st at 9pm. 

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