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Last week, the hip-hop world froze as reports of Lil Wayne being in critical condition hit the Internet. After suffering seizures earlier in the week, a mass confusion ensued when TMZ reported that the rapper was being read his last rites with friends and family by his side. 

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Lil Wayne’s camp quickly took to Twitter to refute those claims and while nothing was really clear about the state of Lil Wayne’s health, the unspoken truth was that it was somehow, in some way, directly correlated to his use of Syrup. 

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Syrup, most often referred to a Sizzurp, is a concoction of prescription codeine, Sprite and sometimes Jolly Ranchers candy.

GlobalGrind’s Tony Anderson was on the scene to get the inside scoop on the drug that has claimed the life of many rappers and continues to be a staple in hip-hop songs. 

Check out what he uncovered in the video above.