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Vanessa Hudgens couldn’t let Miley Cyrus get all the twerk recognition.

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The Spring Breakers actress stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and did a bit of booty popping last night. While telling a story about how she was partying with Madonna and ended up winning a dance competition, the 24-year-old got up to show us what she was working with. 

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She told Jay:

I thought, “I gotta jump in on this action,”‘ said the actress. “They need some of Vanessa up in this.”

She described the event as one of her ‘most prideful moments’ after she won the dance off. “I took the prize,” she said proudly. “People were literally [clapping] ‘You’re so hot!”‘

The story wasn’t enough though. Vanessa had to show off her moves, getting up and booty-popping for a real late night talk show host. 

We suggest you take a look. If you want more Vanessa (and who doesn’t?) Spring Breakers is out tomorrow!

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