The Daily Grind Video

We got a new music drop with two songs you may not have heard yet, but definitely need to. Today’s songs come from Q Parker and Avery Storm. 

First up is the remix to Q Parker’s song “Yes.” Part two features fellow veterans LL Cool J and Raheem Devaughn and was written by Q Parker and newcomer Sir Elijah Blake, who has been penning hits for many of the biggest names in the game. Elijah Blake is one to be on the look out for!

Another track that’s been getting a lot of burn in our office is Avery Storm’s cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools.” On the track, Avery gets a few things off his chest.

Avery also has a special message for his supporters: 

Thank you for riding with me this long, your love means more than you could ever know. I know I’ve been absent for a sec, I think this will explain a little bit why. Stay tuned, I’m back on my bullshit! I love y’all! PEACE & LOVE – AVERY

Check it out below!