The Daily Grind Video

Welcome to Thursday!

Yo made it through the majority of the week and with the weekend almost here, we have some great things for you to do that will make you feel like it is here. In today’s installment of Dollars & Sense, we are taking you to the island of Belize for some fun with wildlife. Check it out below!

Visit The Community Baboon Sanctuary

If you are a lover of animals, or maybe you just like monkeys, the Community Babboon Sanctuary in Belize may be a good time for you. The sanctuary is home to 1,000 black howler monkeys (known here as baboons), a large tree-dwelling species that is endangered in Belize. This is a volunteer conservation program established in 1985 to protect the monkeys, which are among one of the few viable populations of their kind in Central America. There are guided tours, a museum, and even a lodge.


Visit The Hol Chan Marine Reserve

If marine life is more your speed, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve may be more your speed. The three-square-mile Hol Chan Marine Reserve was created in 1987 to protect marine habitats in Belize’s coral reef, seagrass beds, Mangrove beds, and Shark Ray Alley. The reserve can be reached by a 15-minute boat ride from San Pedro. Hol Chan’s protected areas are perfect for snorkeling and diving: The coral reef zone, replete with many varieties of fish and healthy coral, is ideal for snorkeling beginners. In Shark Ray Alley, visitors can swim (while always using caution) with friendly nurse sharks and stingrays. The seagrass beds give swimmers a view of sights like “Neptune’s Garden,” a unique sponge and algae bed.



Financial Tip Of The Day

Price Check Before Buying Anything Expensive:

For items that are expensive, do a price check before buying the item. If you can wait for a while you can track the prices and grab a great deal when it comes along. Frequently available online coupons make it even more easy to save some money.