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For many of us, we have to work day and night just to make a decent living for ourselves, and still budget a lot of our funds.

For the rich and famous, it seems as though spending money is like a hobby.

We see A-list actors buying some of the biggest houses we’ve ever seen, and even a lot of rappers spending stacks on strippers, so it’s easy to think that their days of penny-pinching are behind them.

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama’s Target Swag 

Well, they may be behind them, but some stars still find themselves going back to bargain-hunting and indulging in some cheap treats!

Rihanna recently made headlines when she was spotted making a pit stop off her ‘Diamonds’ world tour to go to a Wal-Mart in British Columbia.

PHOTOS: WHAT A BARGAIN! Rihanna Makes A Pit Stop At Walmart In British Columbia

For someone who claims that all they “see is dolla signs”, it may seem way out of her league, but sometimes putting the big stacks away can be refreshing!

RiRi isn’t the only celebrity trying to save a buck or two, since Michelle Obama was seen in Target last year.

Rick Ross got the blogs going when he made his way to a wing stop after having a seizure on a plane.

Even Kim Kardashian did a little good ol’ grocery shopping during her long stay in Miami this past year!

It’s not like they leave their ENTIRE life as they once knew it behind!

Check out celebrities doing normal things like us below!

Michelle Obama tried to be a little sneaky and make a quick trip to a local Target store to pick up some cheap shopping items for her Presidential family.

Kim Kardashian ditched the upscale lunch dates and did her own grocery shopping in Miami. Don’t even think for a second that she ditched her designer wear and heels though!

Rick Ross gave us all a scare when he had a seizure last year on a plane, but surprisingly his first stop after getting out of the hospital was a wing spot!

MTA users were ecstatic to find out that their usual subway commute got the HOVA treatment when Jay-Z decided to take the train to his concert at the Barclays Center.

Even KimYe just can’t stay away from those delicious, perfectly salted McDonald’s french fries!

Gwen Stefani is a loyal department store shopper. She’s been spotted getting Christmas gifts for her family members at K-Mart and Target multiple times!

Snooki might wear some of the most insane footwear we’ve seen, but one of her guilty fashion pleasures is going to the cheap clothing store Mandee’s in her town!

Jessica Alba gave shoppers at Target a special treat when she showed up to get in some shopping done for her and her family.

Britney Spears may have expensive taste and require diva-like treatment, but she can’t resist a good, quick taco from Taco Bell!

Heidi Klum has a lot of mouths to feed in her family, but she still likes to find the time to pick up her own items and cook them herself! Who needs catering?

Verne Troyer couldn’t resist his Mini-Me stomach telling him to grab some good fast food grub from Burger King while waiting to catch a flight at LAX.

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