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Tyler, The Creator is offensive.

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We know this, and the whole world knows this, but that’s kind of what makes him cool. 

With the release of his brand new album, Wolf, GlobalGrind decided to round up his most ridiculously awesome offensive lyrics on the album. 

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We’re warning you, there are a lot of homophobic slurs, racist slurs, sexist slurs, and religious slurs, but Tyler isn’t a homophobe, racist, or sexist, he just likes to piss everyone off. 

If you haven’t copped Wolf, make sure you do so, it’s a dope album. 

Take a look at Tyler’s most offensive lyrics below! 

Tyler on “Jamba”

“Bitches scared to let me smash on they ass/Yeah they heard I’m fuckin’ nuts like the swag of a fag/Like me and Tekeli was gagging in the back of the cabin.”

Tyler on “Cowboy”

  1. “I needed to get out of the house, so I hit the dead Sams, we were biking it out/In a black hoodie,with a Arizona and a bag of skittles/Just to see what all that fucking hype is about.”
  2. “Golf Wang M-O-B, mopping niggas ante up/Ain’t been this fucking sick since brain cancer ate my Granny up.”
  3. “Life ain’t got no light in it/Darker than that closet that nigga Frankie was hiding in.”

Tyler on “Domo 23”

  1. “Popping since Bastard, Clancy is my slave master/ Thanks to them crackers, my pockets are fatter than excess shit that’s weighting on Jasper.”
  2. “So, a couple fags threw a little hissfit/ Came to Pitchfork with a couple Jada Pinkett signs/And said I was a racist homophobic/ So I grabbed Lucas and filmed us kissing/ Feelings getting caught, it’s off, I’m pissing/You think I give a fuck? I ain’t even stick my dick in yet/(No homo. Too soon.)”
  3. “Will fall cause shit’s going down/Just like Rodney King’s swimming lessons.”

Tyler on “Answer”

“Sorry, I called you the wrong name, see, my brain’s splitting/Dad isn’t your name, see Faggot’s a little more fitting/ Mom was only twenty when you ain’t have any fucks to spare/You Nigerian fuck, now I’m stuck with this shitty facial hair.”

Tyler on “Slater”

  • “Came up with ”Rella,” ain’t touch a bag of weed/Shit was doper than, Whitney Houston’s needs.”
  • “My shoes have seen more vans than Mexicanas with crackers in Alabama.”

Tyler on “Colossus”

“Went to Six Flags/Six fags came up and said “Ayo can we get a pic?” I said no/And they said “Oh it’s Wolf Gang, Yonkers, Goblin is my shit though”/Now I’m like, fuck, I dont want to be an asshole.”

Tyler on “Pigs”

  1. “Geek, fag, stupid loser find a rope to hang.”
  2. “My step-father called me a fag, I’ll show him a fag/I’ll light a fire up in his ass.”
  3. “And recently them assholes that be fuckin with me in class/So I’mma keep them motherfuckers there and make sure they pass.”

Tyler on “Parking Lot”

  1. “Pulling down my zipper and she quick to say she doesn’t suck/Bitch, cut the crap like dyke booty when they scissor.”
  2. “Tall ugly nigga with lips bigger than tigger, Only blue print on these Vans like I don’t listen to Jigga, (Uhh), Cotton-picking nigger.”

Tyler on “Rusty”

“But he rapes women, and spit wrong, like he hate dentist/God damn menace, 666 and he’s not finished/And my shit’s missing, he hates women, but loves kittens.”

Tyler on “Trashwang”

“Wolf Gang, up in this bitch/Red Riding Hood is pissed/ Somebody tell Tegan and Sara to come and suck a-“

Tyler on “Tamale”

  1. “They say I’ve calmed down since the last album/ Well, lick my dick, how does that sound? (Umm)/Smell my gooch, you could kiss my buns/And I don’t give a shit, bend my rectum.”
  2. “Here, take a goddamn picture/And tell Spike Lee he’s a goddamn nigger.”
  3. “Never popped like the pussy on a bitch dyke/ Think I give a fuck, I do, I go balls/And I bust in her jaw like (Fuck that disease!)/My urethra, hole that I pee from/Bigger than an obese snack on Aretha.”
  4. “How many fags can a lightbulb screw?/Well if I has a dick, they be two’s and sixes.”