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Fun fact: Beyonce has graced more magazine covers than any other black female artists in the world. Yes, in the entire world. 

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She has broken a plethora of records when it comes to being the best musically, but Blue’s momma has been striding as a trailblazer when it comes to the print world before some of us even knew how to balance in stilettos. 

With her comeback season in full swing, we have been seeing more Beyonce covers than ever before following her post-baby booming comeback, but there is a time before the Vogues, that Beyonce was out here being absolutely bootylicious on just about every print publication known to man.

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Instead of giving you a full rundown of Beyonce’s 300 plus magazine covers, which we are sure you would love, we decided to break down some of her most notable firsts. 

Now, Imma let you finish, but Beyonce has one of the BEST lists of magazine cover firsts of all time. Take a look at the list below.

First cover of Vogue UK

Bey has graced just about everything from FHM to Elle, but how did she slip through the cracks ok Vogue UK? We don’t know, but we’re glad they snatched her up for all this hair whipping goodness. 

First black female music artist to grace the cover of Forbes

This may have been a good time to request everyone bow down, we think?

First black non-athelete, non-model to cover Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. 

So the lesson here kids, is that stellar abs and a perfected hip roll can trump the star power of any athelete and/or model. Noted. 

  1. First and only non-Latin person to cover People’s 50 Los Mas Bellos.
  2. Por supuesto beyonce ganaría esta gracia. ¿Usted ha visto a su cuerpo?

First time covering American GQ. 

This was actually worth waiting for if you ask us. It was Beyonce’s first time showing off her post-baby body and it is in possibly the sexiest we have seen her in her adult life. Beysus, it may have caused some controversy, but what is a magazine cover that doesn’t?

First time on the cover of Vogue in 2009

That’s right Bey, you change the game with that Vogue cover and that blue dress, and tell them to check up on ALL of that. 

First post-pregnancy magazine cover for People Magazine

People were waiting for this one. The only thing that could break Beyonce out of her post-blue-bliss was being named People magazine’s most beautiful person, and we presume, the promise of an all-blue everything spread. 

And this isn’t a first, but it is an only. Beyonce is the black female artist with the most magazine covers ever. Like, of all friggen time. She has graced over a staggering 300 glossy magazines. Do a google of “Beyonce Magazine Covers” click images and be prepared to be blown away by Bey. 

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