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Kaesung Industrial Zone was a complex run by both North Korean and South Korean workers until North Korea decided for the first time since 2009 that it will stop allowing South Koreans to cross the border in order to enter this territory.

The border into Kaesung is the last operating crossing between the two countries. North Korea relies heavily on revenues gained from the Kaesung complex and has not indicated how long the ban will last. [BBC]

Rough housing! Rutgers basketball coach, Mike Rice, was caught on camera shoving and throwing basketballs at players on ESPN’s Outside The Lines. According to OTL, there are several hours of footage between 2010-2012 showing Rice verbally and physically abusing players. [Huffington Post]

Self-censor! The Associated Press, the largest news source in the world, has announced that it will no longer be using the term “illegal immigrant.” This is part of the company’s ongoing effort to remove labels from their Stylebook. [ABC]

Prayers! Texas District Attorney, Mike McLelland, who was devoted to finding the person that killed his assistant DA in January was found shot dead alongside his wife at their home on Saturday. [CS Monitor]